Biggest Comeback of the Year - KFC Hot Devil Drumlets are back!

Juicy chicken drumlets cooked to crispy perfection, these little 'spicy devils' are bound to give you a delicious kick of spice. The Spicy Lime flavour will give you a twist of zest which also helps to take some of the heat down a notch.

  • Turkey Bacon Pockett

    Spicy Lime Hot Devil Drumlets

    Chicken drumlets fried to crispy perfection and coated in spicy lime seasoning. It's spicy with a zesty twist, perfect for those who seek bold flavours with a powerful punch!

    *This product contains traces of shrimp product.

    Allergens and Food Sensitives information: Wheat, Eggs, Soybeans, Gluten & MSG

Terms and Conditions

Limited time offer. While stocks last. Not available at KFC Singapore Zoo. Meal bundles and pricing differ at selected KFC restaurants and KFC Delivery. Visuals are for illustration only.