'Let Kindness Fly' is a movement promoting kindness and respect towards service staff in the food industry. KFC hopes to rally individuals and businesses to participate in the movement to encourage everyone to treat food service staff with respect and kindness.

Why do we need to #LetKindnessFly?

Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been an outpouring of public appreciation and support for workers in essential services such as healthcare, logistics and maintenance. Yet, there is also an important but often undervalued group of unsung heroes - front-line food service staff. In the face of similar health risks, these food service staff have remained undeterred and continue to bravely venture out to do their jobs, serving food to millions of Singaporean daily.

Despite their sacrifice, there has seen a worrying increase in the number of abuse cases faced by its own front-line service staff as well as across other food service staff. Across KFC's 80 stores island-wide, employees describe verbal, and sometimes physical abuse and intimidation as common occurrences. This is taking a significant toll on employees' mental and physical well-being. The uptick in cases of abuse is distressingly not exclusive to us nor the fast-food industry as other food service staff are also in the same predicament. Through this movement, KFC hopes to spark a ripple effect by encouraging everyone to have a more appreciative attitude towards food service staff.

Join the #LetKindnessFly movement!

To show your support, strike a pose by locking your thumbs together while facing their palms outwards to form a 'wing' shape. You can then upload this image on your Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #LetKindnessFly, along with encouraging words for all service staff!