Wake Up to KFC A.M.

However you like to start your day, our breakfast menu offers a wide variety to please your palate. Enjoy your favourite Original Recipe Chicken in everything from porridge to platters - all freshly prepared with quality ingredients. So wake up, get on your feet and heed your calling.

Wings & Fries Set

Start your day right with wholesome fresh eggs, because fresh tastes best!

100% Chicken Fillet

Enjoy 100% whole-muscle chicken fillet made with the Colonel's Original Recipe.

Wholemeal Bun

KFC a.m. breakfast burgers now come with soft wholemeal buns for better nutrition.

  • Original Recipe Porridge

    Original Recipe Porridge

    Enjoy the local breakfast favourite with a KFC twist! Freshly prepared and slow-cooked to perfection with juicy chunks of signature Original Recipe chicken fillet, topped with chopped spring onions and crispy shallots.

  • Original Recipe Twister

    Original Recipe Twister has all your breakfast favourites in one - signature Original Recipe chicken fillet chunks, scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes, cheddar cheese and mayonnaise, wrapped in tortilla and toasted to perfection.

    American Twister

    Enjoy a perfect American-style breakfast on-the-go! A delicious breakfast wrap filled with tasty turkey bacon, scrambled eggs and hash brown, then drizzled with cheese sauce and toasted to perfection.

Original Recipe Platter

Original Recipe Platter

Recharge with this tasty platter of goodness which combines the signature Original Recipe chicken fillet, scrambled eggs, golden hash brown and a soft wholemeal bun. Seeking a heartier breakfast? Then go for the option of adding 2 pieces of Turkey Bacon to your platter.

Pancakes & Turkey Bacon Platter

Pancakes & Turkey Bacon Platter

Sweet meets savoury with the Pancakes & Turkey Bacon Platter. Three fluffy pancakes perfected to a golden brown with butter and maple syrup, served with golden hash brown, scrambled eggs and tasty turkey bacon on the side.



Signature Original Recipe chicken fillet topped with a fresh whole egg and a slice of cheese packed between a soft wholemeal bun.



A classic all-in-one breakfast with turkey bacon, fresh whole egg, sliced tomato and sliced cheese sandwiched between a soft wholemeal bun.

Terms and Conditions

KFC a.m. is available at selected breakfast stores, during breakfast hours till 11am. Visuals are for illustration only.