KFC Zero Chicken Burger

Same Original Recipe, but different on the inside.

The Zero Chicken Burger boasts a meat-free patty, made with the Original Recipe of the 11 herbs and spices we know and love, topped with a slice of cheese and a splash of tangy BBQ sauce. It's still finger licking good!

  • Turkey Bacon Pockett

    Zero Chicken Burger

    100% flavour 0% meat – sandwiched between the toasted sesame buns is a meat-free patty coated with the Original Recipe of 11 herbs & spices, fresh lettuce, sliced cheese, topped with smoky BBQ sauce and mayonnaise!

    Allergens and Food Sensitives information: Wheat,Egg, Dairy, Soybean, Gluten and MSG

Terms and Conditions

Limited time offer. While stocks last. Not available at KFC Singapore Polytechnic and Singapore Zoo. Available for Dine-in / Takeaway & KFC Delivery. Other T&Cs apply.. Visuals are for illustration only.